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Company culture

EPM corporate culture

Ø customer first: to meet customer needs and expectations as the guide, to provide customers with cost-effective products and meticulous and thoughtful service, enhance the enterprise in the customer's trust and reputation.

Ø people-oriented: respect for employees, so that every employee feel the care and warmth of the enterprise, to provide staff with the necessary learning and training opportunities to guide employees to learn and progress in order to meet the needs of staff growth and development to enhance staff's sense of responsibility, Sense of mission, a sense of accomplishment, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff, initiative and creativity, so that enterprises continue to long-term development.

Ø Pay attention to the shareholders: pay attention to the creation of shareholder value and pay attention to the return of shareholders in formulating strategy, realize the coordinated development of quality, efficiency and scale, and realize the increasing value of shareholders' wealth.

Ø Optimize the community: Actively respond to the "10 million" economic benefit project of Donghu Hi-tech Development Zone, and play a role in the transformation of local economic structure and growth mode. With bit by bit with the heart, to the perfection of the spirit of serving the community, honest and trustworthy professional conduct to win the trust of society, to participate in social welfare undertakings to contribute to the community, to contribute to social harmony.

EPM company philosophy

So that customer satisfaction, so that employees happy for shareholders to add value, do social responsibility.